Saturday, July 25, 2015


Teibel foor consistent fonetic speling ov internaeshenel Ingglish
(Not dhiy Ocsford dayalect oor dha Cwiinz Ingglish)
Did yuw (k)nouw dhaet 'quick' woz orijhenliy spelt 'cwic'?
Whot haez haepend?
French got intuw Anglo-Saxon aend spoild dha speling.
Tray dhis set ov non-aidenticel twinz: ration aend nation.

pit  dhis thing (this thing)
ii piit (peat) fiit (feet feat) piir (peer pier); -iy siy (see)
e  pet  sed (said) red (red read)  plezher (pleasure)
ee peer (pair, pear) dheer (their there)  eer (air heir)
ae paet (pat)  raeshen (ration)
pat (putt) bat (but, butt) madher (mother)
aa paast (past) paart (part)  faadher (father)
o  pot
oo poor (poor pore pour) poort (port)  sooht (sought)  ool (all awl)
u  put (put  foot  soot)
uu puul (pool) fuud (food)
ai paid (pied) pay (pie); -ay  ay (I) may (my)
ei peid (paid/payed)  neishen (nation)  beibiy (baby); -ey dey (day)
au paut (pout) laud (loud)  nauw (now)
ou poust (post) bout (boat) vout (vote)  souw (sew, so)
oi oil ; -oy  boy
eu peurl (purl pearl)  heur (her)
r  red  horer (horror)
l  led (led lead read) liv (live) laiv (live) fool (fall)
y  yet yang (young)  nyuw (new) dyuw (dew due)  fyuw (few)
cing (king)  meic (make) cic (kick) cwic (quick)
g  get  big  big├Čn (begin)
hit heer (hair)
sit  sent (cent, sent)
z  zip fiz (fizz) hiz (his)  endz (ends)
sh shist (schist) secshen (section) mesh
zh mezher (measure) plezher (pleasure) beizh (beige)
ch chit  mach (much)
jh fajh (fudge) jhin (gin) (Should be dj? but that would require tj for ch)
th thing  thisel (thistle)
dh dhis (this) dhaet (that) dha/dhiy (the)  dhey (they) dhem (them)
kh lokh (loch)
ng singer fingger (finger)
wh wheil/weil (whale)
weil (wail)
cw cwiin (queen)  cwest (quest)  cwic (quick)
cs sics (six)
n  nit nan (nun none)
m mit  maim (mime)
b  bib blob bluw (blew blue)
p  pip  peper (pepper)
t  tot
did ded (dead)
fit fonetic (phonetic)
v vecs (vex) faiv (five)
K (c)  Q (cw) X (cs) Ph (f) aar nauw obsoliit
Shwa (indistinct shoort vauwel) iz reprizented aez e (-ed) or a (benaana) or i (inaf)

Haeng it ap on dha wool!

Hiir iz anadher wey ov duwing it

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